How to Retrieve Your PhilHealth ID Number

Regardless of what you read online… as of this writing (please check the date of my post!), there is only one EASY way of knowing what your PhilHealth ID Number is without access to your PhilHealth ID (if you have lost it or left it at home and need your number for any reason at all):

DIAL 441-7442

From the province: (02)-441-7442

This is PhilHealth’s Official Call Center.

Now, be ready to wait. The last time I called, I waited for 5-7 minutes for a representative to answer the phone because they were queuing and literally being flooded with calls! However, the wait will definitely be worth it, as you just need to give your name and birthday and you will get what you called in for, plus any other PhilHealth-related information you might happen to want to know the answer for.

Good luck! ;)


readmePlease DO NOT leave your names and ANY PERSONAL information (full names, bdays, contact numbers etc..) on the COMMENTS section.

I DO NOT work at PhilHealth.

I CANNOT give you your PhilHealth number, CALL the number posted above.

I’m only paying it forward since Google was not of much help when I had an issue searching for how to know my own PhilHealth number via phone. If in case hte number posted here does not work, feel free to go to PhiHealth’s website and click on their Contact Us section.

Thanks! ;)


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82 responses to “How to Retrieve Your PhilHealth ID Number

  1. i just want to know my philhealth # because i don’t know it if have a number…. name: Melcaline C. Pabunan Bday: November 16, 1990 tnx…..

  2. paanu ko malalaman ang philhealth number ko

    • I hope this question will not be repeated again because my post ACTUALLY ANSWERS answer THIS question if you will care to READ it po. But hey, just call up their telephone number! :)


  4. Salamat ng marami….


    Sorry for the big letters, just expressing my huuuge gratitude. Your post saved me a lot of time! Called the number, verified some information the voila~ :D

    Thanks again!

  6. thank you for this post! helpful indeed!!! :))

  7. dami ko na o napasukang trabaho. pero hindi ko po nakukuha ung philhealth card ko with number. pano po kay yun. papasok po b yun sa iisang account lang. pano ko makukuha ung id number ko. thank you po agad agad

    my name is adrian c gonzales
    may 10, 1987

  8. Thank you for providing this phone number here… You’re my savior! hehe You saved me from the hassle of going to Philhealth just to get my id number. It only took me a few seconds until someone answered my call. The agent only asked for my name and birth date then he provided me the information. Thanks again!

  9. tnx 14th planet

  10. judith carol castro

    what is my philhealth number?I’m Judith Carol P. Castro

  11. Thanks!!! Great help

  12. i just don’t know if i have a philhealth # cause i just remember from my previous job that they gave a # i don’t know if its PhilHealth# can you check it this is my name : James Mark M. Lapan
    My bday is : May 13 1987


  13. judith torneo aguelo

    paki follow up lang po kung may nahulog na xa philhealth ko hindi ko pa kasi alam number ng philhealth ko binabawasan na kame


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